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The Winter Street Urban Farm, located in a food desert, includes a state of the art commercial kitchen and three-quarters of an acre of a community farm.  Throughout the year, we will offer cooking classes, monthly meals, gardening classes, healthy eating and diabetes prevention seminars, as well as a Farmer’s Market. 

Our Program:
At the Winter Street Urban Farm, we offer a unique opportunity for our youth and their families to learn and explore agriculture and gardening.  Community members will participate in developing and operating the community garden.

We provide youth and their families with opportunities in the field of agriculture. Our programming aims to address the goals of increased leadership, scholarship, citizenship and economic development.  Participants will gain an appreciation for agricultural sciences and technology, while also increasing their understanding of the diversity of agriculture; they will leave the farm with an awareness that agriculture encompasses more than the task of farming.

Families will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on, interactive scientific experiences in the food and nutritional sciences; bio-systems and agricultural engineering; and plant pathology career fields.

What are we growing?
Currently, we are growing kale, collards, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, mustard greens, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage.  Throughout the year, we offer sweet potatoes, okra, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, green beans, and much, much more!


Community members will be offered “field trips” to community farms to learn more about the gardening process and to be exposed to other produce and live stock.   

Additionally, community members will be offered cooking classes as well as tasting and food demonstrations that are ongoing and throughout the length of the project.  Along with the demonstrations, we will offer nutritionists and dieticians to teach families about healthy living and to regain healthy families. 

Each month the community members will be involved in a “family style meal” prepared from the food grown at the Winter Street Urban Farm.

Interested in Renting the Kitchen?
We will offer the commercial kitchen as a rental facility to home based vendors in 4 hour increments 5 times per week or two hour increments 10 times per week.

Farmer’s Market: 
Beginning Spring 2016, we will have weekly farmer’s markets with a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and much more.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture):
Through the Community Supported Agriculture program, program participants will be able to pledge to support the Winter Street Urban Farm.  CSA members or subscribers will pay at the onset of the growing season for a share of the anticipated harvest; once harvesting begins, participants will receive shares of the harvested produce.  It is our goal to include additional farm products like honey, eggs, dairy, fruit, flowers and meat. The program will cost $10 per share; we will offer 30 shares per week for 12 weeks 3 times per year. 

Become a Volunteer:
Interested in becoming a volunteer?  We welcome volunteers of all ages and experience level to our Urban Farm Project.  Volunteer opportunities are offered weekly.  Please contact us for more information.

For additional information about the programs and other offerings, or if you want to become a volunteer, please contact us at 260.435.0712.